It’s Out of the Bag

The news that starting a year from now, New York state will ban single-use plastic bags such as the ones provided by supermarkets has me wondering how in the world we will be able to do our shopping.

I suspect that the wise men and women up in Albany who thought of this brilliant idea don’t get to the supermarket that much.

The new law gives counties and cities the option to charge five cents for paper bags. I suggest that these legislators try to carry home a paper bag filled with potatoes, onions and some cans of beans! Even the paper bag my bakery provides for their hot challos on Fridays often rips on the way home, and challos weigh much less than many other grocery products.

Some people may make some money selling reusable bags. While in theory this sounds good, in real life to say this is inconvenient would be an understatement. I am not even referring to all the times when an egg cracks or a yogurt spills.

The very notion that I can no longer decide to shop in a grocery on the way home from work unless I either first go home to get a reusable bag or schlep one with me all day is just stifling.

I very much care about the environment. I also care about the quality life of living people in this world. We should count for something too. Shouldn’t we?

Mrs. B. Bochner, nassau, N.Y.