It’s in the Bag

I read in the daily Hamodia that Governor Cuomo’s commission has stepped up with eight proposals to deal with the problem of litter from plastic bags. “The suggestions range from an outright ban to imposing fees and a hybrid ban-fee composition.” Part of me is a cynic, dreading the next wave of picky regulations.&

On the other hand, part of me is hopeful.& I’m thinking of MetroCards, which used to litter the ground in every subway station, and how that mess suddenly cleared up when the MTA imposed a $1 fee on new card purchases.& Difficult as it is to admit, the fee accomplished its goal.

One day, my son and I walked a stretch of beach in Brooklyn and, on a whim, I picked up a plastic bag at the water’s edge. Then another, and then another. Before I had gone 300 feet, I had picked up 20 bags at least.

Sen. Simcha Felder has been a strong advocate against the financial difficulties of a “bag tax,” but the state seems bent on doing something. The senator has also urged New York state to keep its regulations in the “carrot” category, that is, reward for compliance.&

This would be the best approach for what I fear is an unstoppable change.& I hope it’s not too burdensome, and I have hopes that it might finally lead to a more attractive environment, in the end.

P. Dressler, Queens, NY