Give Hakaras Hatov Where It’s Due

I was deeply disturbed to read of the attack on the Forest Hills boy this past Friday, December 7. It is my personal opinion that we should not shriek “Hate crime!” at every instance of violence perpetrated against a Jew, as the term then loses its impact with the authorities, but when attackers are yelling, “Kill the Jew” while beating up an obviously Jewish-looking kid, I think there can’t be too much argument on the matter.

The ridiculous and distressing thing is, the police seem to disagree. Though how they can disregard eyewitness testimony, I don’t know.

These officials’ apathy only reinforces my conviction that there is no one we can turn to in situations like these but Hashem. He’s got us covered and always has and always will. It’s up to us to pray and ask Him to deal with it. We’ve just said it these past eight days in Al Hanisimravta es ribam, nakamta es nikmasam. G-d has taken our part and our vengeance for as long as we’ve existed, and we must pray for Him to continue to do so.

Finally, I’d like to send my heartfelt thanks and commendation to the courageous Masbia volunteers who came to our young brother’s aid – especially Waleska Mendez, who fought off the gang members with a broom. Not only do you volunteer your time to help fend off the worst from the most disadvantaged members of society, but you even put yourselves in harm’s way to rescue a young person in danger.It is truly encouraging to know that while some non-Jews are wont to act violently against Jews, as these gang members did, there are others, brave, great-hearted people like you Masbia volunteers, who are ready to stand up against them. We must be makir tov to a non-Jew who comes to the aid of a Jew in this way.

Ayala Jacobson, Brooklyn, NY