Galus Yidden

Just yesterday, I bumped into a friend who shared his angst over an experience he had while spending a recent weekend in his summer home upstate. He had gone out to Walmart to shop and found the local residents looking daggers at him.

In his words, “If looks could kill, I wouldn’t be here to share the incident.” In this COVID-19 era, we are well aware that year-round residents of Sullivan County are concerned that summer dwellers may bring a fresh outbreak of the virus to their region. This is not the venue to address whether or not their claims are justified. Rather it is a plea to our community to remember that we are galus Yidden. While I understand that after months of confinement many feel a need to utilize their summer homes, thus giving themselves and their children a reprieve from the challenging conditions, let us bear in mind Yaakov Avinu’s warning “lamah tisrahu.” If we are upstate, we should do our best to remain in the confines of the colonies in which we reside. If we venture out, let’s make a special effort to be polite and quiet, maintain social distance and wear masks.

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