For Our Children

Since I spend a lot of time with my toddler in the local parks, I felt it was important for parents to know what I see so many times.

Many babysitters, even very nice ones, leave the baby in the stroller while the babysitter sits on a bench playing with her phone. The baby/babies are longingly watching the other kids play and wish to get a ride on the swings and slides or just to run around. Some babies look so desperate to get out and others are already resigned to the fact that they don’t get to leave the stroller. Some babysitters do give the kids five minutes to enjoy and then place them into their strollers while the child is protesting. Then the sitter sits down with her phone again. This is especially true for twins, since many twins come with babysitters to the park.

So many times I feel like going over to those babies and putting them onto a swing or slide. If you’d see the look in those babies’ eyes while they’re desperate to do what they see all the other kids do, you’d never let the sitter take them again.

Please give your sitter clear instructions. Maybe follow her 10 minutes later to check up on your kids. It’ll anyway be a good idea to have your babysitter know that you may pop in at any time.

Loving all Yiddishe kinderlach,

Moishy’s mother