Filling Our Days With Torah

We are now approaching the fourth yahrtzeit of our son Aron Chaim, zt”l. We learn to live with the pain and void. It constantly increases awareness of reality and what life is all about. There are no answers in this world.

Aron Chaim often quoted from the tefillah “U’va l’Tzion”: “Hu yiftach libeinu b’Soraso v’yasem b’libeinu ahavaso v’yiraso … l’maan lo niga larik v’lo neileid labehalah.”

Let us fill our days with Torah and avodas Hashem so that all our life struggles not be in vain, and so that we would not have been born for futility. Although Aron Chaim is with us in spirit, he has moved on to the next world, a world that is the olam ha’emes. Aron Chaim, during his lifetime and particularly during his illness, imparted this message.

Yesomim hayinu v’ein Av.” Knowing Aron Chaim, he would have said: “If we truly feel orphaned, we will no longer have to mourn the Beis Hamikdash in Av, as Chazal say: ‘Kol hamisabel al churbanah zocheh v’ro’eh b’vinyanah.’”

Let us all utilize these days of mourning for davening for Moshiach and getting closer to Hakadosh Baruch Hu, and may we indeed be zocheh to the Geulah Sheleimah.

Debora Pels