Danger — Person Walking

Thank you for writing about the perils of ebikes in the October 17 issue of Features. It’s my experience that enhanced bikes and even electric scooters make the situation more treacherous for pedestrians. Anyone who walks for exercise in the morning or shops on foot on Erev Shabbos quickly develops a sixth sense that someone on a bike (electric or otherwise) might be speeding up behind them, unannounced, unheard and unwelcome.

The situation really calls for closer examination and adjustment, either with regulation or education or both.

Another facet of the problem is that bicyclists (and pedestrians as well) wear dark clothing and generally do not wear reflective sashes or vests. & &

I read about someone in the U.K. who started a reflector gemach. That kind of chessed is long overdue here. Until then, riders and walkers alike must break the bubble of self-absorption and do what they can to be seen — to stay safe.

Batya Bernstein