I am writing this dispatch to ask for aid in finding a missing symbol — a symbol that usually lurks in fifth position in our ABCs.

Just think of this: Last Friday, as I am tidying up my Shabbos shulchan, I abruptly find that this thing is lost. Until I find it, I’m having much difficulty summoning my child, a girl who was born around Purim and who I accordingly call as a royal individual from that particular story.

I am imploring you to assist with my conundrum. Will you watch vigilantly as you go about your day, and notify my husband or this author if you spot it lying about?

Writing in this way is so difficult, too — I am thankful for Yiddish and Ivris for providing additional words for my vocabulary, without which I simply could not impart any information to you at all — so I will sign off now, wishing you all a joyous Purim.

Anxiously yours, Layah Lipogram