Crossword Therapy

As many times as I said to myself after putting down the Features, “This time I’m sending in a letter to the editor,” it’s never actually happened. I’ve already labeled myself “not the letters-to- the-editors-type.”

But ever since the crossword puzzle contest came out, I’ve wished to contribute. I, too, am a puzzle aficionado, and my weekly melaveh malkah inevitably finds me with the Features section and a pen in hand. I call this my weekly therapy session!

Frady Schwartz’s article “What’s a 9-Letter Word for Fun?” (September 19, page 22) was a validating and exciting read for me. No matter how much my family teases me for being such a crossword puzzle geek, at least I know that there are countless others out there sharing my passion!

Thanks for the quality weekly reading, and keep the puzzles coming!

Hoping to contribute one day,

Leah Edel, Montreal