A Closer Look at Electric Cars

Thank you for so much coverage of late of Tesla, and of cars in general. It gives the menfolk quite a thrill in our family, and I’m glad they can stay abreast of the latest developments without compromising on their hashkafos. They particularly enjoy Mr. Lubinsky’s column.

However, in “The Business Monitor” (Hamodia Prime, Jan. 15, 2020) Mr. Lubinsky writes that Tesla is a hybrid of electric power and fuel energy. My boys pointed out that all Tesla models are in fact fully electric and do not run on fuel energy at all.

Thank you,

Chavi Isaacson

The author responds:

In my Business Monitor column of January 15, 2020, I may have left the impression that Tesla is selling a hybrid version that combines both electric and regular fuel. At the moment, all Teslas are only electric and must be recharged, although an Austrian engineer, Frank Obrist, has built a prototype of the Tesla Model 3 with an added two-cylinder petrol engine and some of the batteries removed. Observers are calling it the worst Tesla ever (Electrek, January 6, 2020).