A Lone Voice

Although I agree with Mr. Lubinsky’s description of the Forward (“Did the Forward Get It Backwards 120 Years Ago?” Features, February 6, 2019), he neglected to mention the one frum writer who wrote a weekly article in the Yiddish Forward for over 60 years, my grandfather Rabbi Aaron Benzion Shurin, z”l.

As the lone Orthodox voice in a very secular newspaper, Rabbi Shurin understood his responsibility — to bring a glimpse and taste of Orthodox views and their leaders to the very secular readers of the Forward.

He took this role very seriously, writing articles that were enthusiastically followed by many readers, Orthodox and secular alike. Although his followers were mostly secular, Rabbi Shurin did not mince words and was passionate about his Orthodox views.

With his passing, the secular readers of the Yiddish Forward lost this valuable resource and connection to Orthodoxy.

On behalf of all of Rabbi Shurin’s proud grandchildren,

Ruthie (Shurin) Ludmir

Mr. Lubinsky replies:

My sincere thanks to the Shurin family for bringing to my attention the major omission in “Did the Forward Get It Backwards 120 Years Ago?” Although my focus was on the false predicates of the publishers and their supporters, one cannot forget the almost heroic stance of Rabbi Aaron Benzion Shurin, z”l, in representing the Orthodox view in his articulate weekly column in the Yiddish Forward. He was indeed a lone voice in the forest, but a voice that made a kiddush Hashem on a regular basis.