Odd Side – October 30, 2018

Hawaii Bonsai Tree Stolen After Owner Cared for It for Decades

HONOLULU (AP) – Hawaii police are trying to find a rare bonsai tree that was stolen from a nursery owner who says he spent 56 years caring for it.

The tree was taken in September from David Fukumoto’s nursery in the Big Island community of Mountain View, he said.

Fukumoto began growing the tree in 1962 to spruce up the bare-bones Honolulu apartment he and his wife lived in as newlyweds, he said.

“I ended up getting hooked on growing bonsai,” Fukumoto, 78, said, describing how he took it with him when he moved to the Big Island where he runs a nursery called Fuku-Bonsai. “I feel as if they kidnapped my daughter. This is my first bonsai.”

Fukumoto said the tree was on higher ground when 3-feet-high flooding from Hurricane Lane wiped out some of his other bonsai trees in August.

Police don’t want to reveal the tree’s value, Capt. Ken Quiocho said. Police started asking the public for help because they have exhausted leads, he said.

“We desperately want to try to find this tree and get it back to the owner,” he said.

Police believe the person who took it was familiar with the tree and knew its value, Quiocho said.

“It’s 56 years old,” Fukumoto said. “How can you put a value on that?”

A Hot Dog? Firefighters Rescue Pet Stuck In Heating Duct

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Va. (AP) – It wasn’t a cat in a tree, but a dog in a heating duct that took firefighters to a home in Virginia.

The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department arrived Friday night to find the small dog trapped in the HVAC system.

Video shows firefighter Mark Williams cutting a hole in the basement ceiling to retrieve the dog.

The department says it was a “happy and pawsitive outcome fur all!”

Motorists Stunned as Metal Balls Roll Down Seattle Street

SEATTLE (AP) – Authorities in Seattle temporarily closed a street after motorists were stunned by dozens of large metal balls that spilled out of a truck and cascaded down the street, damaging several cars.

A video taken by a person at the scene afternoon shows the balls loudly bouncing and rolling down the street as a driver slowly backs up, apparently attempting to escape the onslaught.

The Seattle Times reports that police spokesman Patrick Michaud said the balls appeared to be “really big ball bearings” and that it was unclear what caused the load of them to fall out of the truck.

Several cars were damaged but no injuries were reported.