The Odd Side – December 25, 2018

Inmate Hitches Ride With Officer, Goes Back to Jail

GREENUP, Ky. (AP) – A jail inmate who escaped from authorities and tried hitchhiking along a highway didn’t enjoy freedom for long because the motorist he flagged down was a law enforcement officer.

Greenup County Jailer Mike Worthington told The Independent that 31-year-old Allen Lewis was being transported to face charges in another county when he told the officer his handcuffs were too tight. The officer pulled over and Worthington said after one handcuff was released, the two struggled and Lewis got free.

The jailer says Lewis made it to a nearby highway and tried to flag down passing cars for a ride. Worthington says the person who stopped was a campus officer at Morehead State University who saw handcuffs hanging off one wrist. Worthington says Lewis was taken back to jail and now faces an escape charge.

Tea Thrown Into Harbor for Anniversary of Boston Tea Party

BOSTON (AP) – Tea was once again thrown into Boston Harbor to mark the 245th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

Sunday, December 23, was the anniversary of the protest during which colonists protesting taxation without representation threw British tea into Boston Harbor in what is considered a pivotal event that led to the American Revolution.

The Old South Meeting House and the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum organized the reenactment. It featured more than 40 crates of loose tea, sent in from across the country, thrown into the harbor as part of the event.

Shawn Ford, executive director for the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum, said it’s important to mark the anniversary because it was the “single most important event that led to the American Revolution.”

“Simply put, if the Tea Party didn’t happen, we could be British today,” he said. “The citizens of Boston stood up and were willing to risk their lives, families, homes and fortunes based on this idea that men of this country should be free from taxation without representation.”

He said the destruction of tea in Boston “changed the world.”

Harriet Cross, the British consul general to New England, welcomed attendees to celebrate the current relationship between Boston and the United Kingdom.

Moose Rings Alaska Home’s Doorbell

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) – A moose used the doorbell to awaken a couple in Alaska.

The couple thought maybe it was an aftershock or some kids playing a prank when the doorbell rang in their Anchorage home.

Kyle Stultz tells KTVA he looked out the door and found nothing. He assumed it was kids playing “ding dong ditch.” Stultz decided to check his security camera.

The video showed a large moose backing right into the doorbell.

The family was relieved it was nothing else.