The Odd Side – December 10, 2019

Man Using Magnet Fishes WWI-Era Grenade From Michigan River

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) – A magnet-wielding angler has fished a World War I-era grenade from a western Michigan river.

WOOD-TV reports the angler found the explosive after dangling the magnet from a bridge in the Grand River in Grand Rapids.

Joseph Alexander told the tv station he “thought it looked like a grenade, but not one” he’d seen before. Alexander said he posted photos of it and people commented that it was a grenade and he should call police.

Grand Rapids police say the device is a “German Granatenwerfer” and that it will be stored until detonated safely. Sgt. John Wittkowski said since the device was so old and had been submerged for a long time it likely was no longer very dangerous.

Alexander said magnet fishing is a hobby.

High horse: Farm Animal Gets Stuck Up in Barn’s Hayloft

LORIS, S.C. (AP) – A farm animal with unbridled ambition in South Carolina has given new meaning to the phrase “get off your high horse.”

Horry County Fire Rescue workers say they were called to a barn in Loris, where a horse somehow managed to leave its stall and climb into a hayloft.

They had to bring in heavy equipment, and large-animal veterinarians helped sedate the horse before it was lowered to the ground on a makeshift platform.

The horse has moved on to greener pastures, seemingly in good spirits in a grazing field.

Rescue workers still haven’t figured out how the horse managed to climb a narrow set of stairs into the loft.

Landscaping Woes Lead Florida School to Golden Goats

TITUSVILLE, Fla. (AP) – A Florida school district is bringing in a crack squad of four-legged experts to deal with an overgrown patch of rough terrain, where hidden gopher tortoises, snakes, steep banks and vertical drop-offs make it too hazardous for grounds crews to handle.

Florida Today reports that about two dozen goats will descend into a fenced area around a pond next to Imperial Estates Elementary in Titusville next week.

Grounds services supervisor Matt Nolle says the area is too dangerous for heavy equipment, or even people on foot. Goats are better for the environment and can get into places humans can’t. He says, “Somehow, four legs is an advantage.”

Hospital Sends $3K Bill for Pulling Toy From Girl’s Nose

LAS VEGAS (AP) – A Las Vegas mother says she received a $3,000 bill after doctors removed a plastic doll shoe stuck in her 3-year-old daughter’s nose.

KTNV-TV reported that Lucy Branson stuck two pink Polly Pocket plastic doll shoes up her nose — one in each nostril.

Her mother Katy Branson says she was able to remove one shoe but even urgent care couldn’t reach the second.

Branson says she then took her daughter to Dignity Health St. Rose Dominican Siena Campus in Henderson where physicians used a tweezer-like tool to remove the shoe.

The Branson family says they initially received a bill for $3,000 but the charge was reduced to $1,700 because of a high deductible medical policy.