Minute 772: Prepared

Minute 772: Prepared

The pressures of the work week were wearing on Jack. He didn’t know if he could make it to Friday night without either collapsing or cracking up. After gobbling a snack, he rushed back to his office to complete the week’s assignments. As he ran past Harry, he blurted out, “Have a great Shabbat!”

Harry smiled. “You too, my friend,”he replied.“Want a lift home? I’m on my way to the parking lot and I’ll be happy to give you a comfortable ride home.”

“Home?” Jack said. “It’s only noon. How can you be heading home so early?”

“I make it a point to get home in time to take a nap before Shabbat,” Harry replied. “You should try my system. When it comes to Shabbat, I like to be prepared.”

Our Sages teach that one should prepare for Shabbat in thought, in word and in deed. Buying special treats and flowers, setting up the Shabbat lights, as well as reading the weekly parashah are practical suggestions as to how to be ready when the sun goes down. If one is clean and ready early, the onset of our holy day is a pleasure for body and soul.

Most look forward to their Shabbat nap more than any other event during the week. It’s true that we’re taught “Sleep on Shabbat is a pleasure!” and most don’t find time to rest before Shabbat, so the nap does “hit the spot.” What most do not value is the nap one should take before Shabbat. If one gets ready with rest and relaxation, one “prepares” for a peaceful evening with the family that can’t be beat. Prepare, then enjoy!

One More Second: Another Thought for the Day

The truth is, it’s a lot easier to fast for one day and thus clear our conscience than do complete teshuvah. It’s easier to say Selichot and pray than to change our lifestyle. It’s easier to hear the shofar blasts in the synagogue than to embark on a new path…

But if we really and truly want to recover from our spiritual illnesses, we must do what is asked of us and take real medicine that Hashem prescribed for us…

(Rabbi Nissim Yagen, Netivei Ohr, p. 363)


Rabbi Raymond Beyda serves in the Sephardic Community in Brooklyn, N.Y. He lectures to audiences all over the world. He has distributed over 500,000 recorded lessons free of charge. He is author of the book 1 Minute With Yourself: A Minute a Day to Self-Improvement, Sephardic Press, 2008.