Beit Shemesh Family: We Saw Death in Front of Our Eyes

Shacharis at the Kosel. (Reuters/Amir Cohen)

On Wednesday afternoon, Simcha L., a resident of Beit Shemesh, went with his wife and baby daughter to celebrate their anniversary with tefillos at the Kosel, and this trip almost cost them their lives, Maariv reported. Simcha activated his Waze and drove according to the instructions. A few minutes before his arrival to the Kosel, Waze ordered him to change route and enter through the  Arab a-Tur neighborhood in Yerushalayim.

According to Simcha, “After a few dozen meters of slow driving, a large group of Arab boys stood on the sidewalk and when I continued driving, a boy from the group recognized me as a Jewish driver, called everyone with a whistle and more than 20 terrorists responded to the call and threw a barrage of large stones at us.

“I was hit by a blow from the side window after being hit hard, when some of them tried to open the doors. Luckily, I managed to lock the door [in] time.”

As his frightened wife and baby daughter were screaming in the car, he called the police as he tried to flee the scene. During the escape, the police directed him and tried to calm him down, as far as possible, and the police explained to him how to get out of the area. After a 3-minute drive, a police car from the Border Police waited for him and accompanied him to file a complaint and continue medical examinations at the station near the Flower Gate.

Simcha’s wife and daughter were evacuated to the medical center after feeling unwell as a result of the incident, with minor bruises from the ride and the frightening escape.

After the incident, he said: “We saw death with our own eyes. These were hateful boys. A miracle happened to me near the Kosel. It could have ended in disaster.”

MK Itamar Ben Gvir said: “This lawlessness must end. This time it ended in a miracle, baruch Hashem, but next time it may end in murder, this is how it is when there is no sovereignty on the ground.

“The situation in the country is more difficult than we imagine.”