Health Ministry Ponders: A Lockdown on Chanukah or Over Purim and Pesach?

Israeli police seen at the entrance to the neighborhood of Ramot in Yerushalayim as Israel enforces a lockdown in September. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

The Coronavirus Cabinet is expected to convene this week and decide on the closures that will be enforced soon, due to Chanukah and, lehavdil, the Christian end of the Gregorian year events.

According to a report in Kan News Sunday, the Health Ministry is very concerned about Chanukah, when there are generally family gatherings with high potential for infection, as well as the Christian events that come in the days after Chanukah.

The Health Ministry, according to the report, intends to impose restrictions on the public. Discussions are currently taking place on the subject, but the options being considered are the imposition of a closure or a ban on transit between cities.

However, despite the increase in morbidity in the past week, there is no intention to change the outline of opening the education system, and seventh, eighth and ninth graders will be able to return to school next week.

According to a report in Channel 12, the Health Ministry is discussing whether to go for two short closures – in December, for Chanukah, and then later in the winter, or to go to a long closure over Purim and Pesach, for eight weeks.