2,000 Mispallelim at the Kosel for Rosh Chodesh

A view of the crowd at the Kosel at Shacharis on Rosh Chodesh on Tuesday morning. (Western Wall Heritage Foundation)

Some 2,000 mispallelim arrived Tuesday morning for Rosh Chodesh tefillos, in honor of Rosh Chodesh Kislev, at the Kosel plaza.

After many months of inactivity due to the coronavirus restrictions and the observance of respectful and quiet Rosh Chodesh tefillos, on Tuesday morning a small group of about 10 women again violated the decision of the High Court and the Attorney General in a provocative attempt to bring a sefer Torah into the women’s section of the plaza.

Attendants of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation and the Israel Police have approached this group several times with a request to maintain the minhag of the Kosel and public order in order to prevent unnecessary friction. This group continued on a rough and crowded footing in attempts to make their way through the security checkpoint, ushers and police officers.

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation thanks the thousands of visitors to the Western Wall every day for their exemplary conduct and seeks to continue to maintain guidelines for the benefit of the health of the general public.