Protocols of Elders of Zion With a Twist


In one of the more extreme instances of rhetoric yet heard concerning the prosecution of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu‏‏ on corruption allegations, a senior government lawyer has accused him of an anti-Semitic style of scapegoating to cover up his failures as a leader.

In an online speech to the Israel Democracy Institute, Deputy Attorney General Dina Zilber said of Netanyahu and his allies:

“Instead of looking inward, they look away and… create an imaginary reality of a prosecution within the prosecution, or of a state of bureaucrats scheming in the darkness, plotting a judicial coup. Add some blood to the mix and you have — with a twist — a crazy comeback of the Protocols of the Bureaucrats of Zion. A culture of scapegoating instead of taking responsibility,” she said, according to the Times of Israel on Sunday.

Netanyahu has declared his innocence of wrongdoing throughout the investigations in three cases against him and repeatedly charged that the police and prosecutors are conducting a “witch hunt.”

Zilber accused Netanyahu of blaming a long list of others for his own failures in governance, the list including: “judges; legal advisers; Finance Ministry officials; the biased media; the anti-patriotic academia; the elitist culture world living at our expense and tarring our name internationally; satire shows that harm the national morale; consciousness manipulators; Wexner Foundation alumni; the New Israel Fund; the briny leftists; Arabs; or those who have forgotten what it means to be Jewish.”

She dismissed it all as a “most effective spin factory to cover up for leadership failures.”

Zilber concluded by calling for “unifying” discourse and solidarity instead of the current, “inflammatory” rhetoric.