Reports Say Coalition Still Wrangling Over Ministries


The apportionment of ministries in the new government has yet to be finalized, as Yamina and Blue and White remain dissatisfied with what Likud has offered.

Blue and White turned down the Health Ministry, according to Channel 12, balking at a Likud demand for two deputy ministerships in return. The report noted that the party of Benny Gantz had said it had agreed to sit with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu‏‏ because fighting the coronavirus pandemic overrides narrow political interests.

But Blue and White has already signed a deal, and it seemed unlikely that this issue could not be settled by the time of the swearing-in next week.

Yamina, on the other hand, has so far refused to sign, openly threatening to go to the opposition rather than be relegated to the sidelines of the coalition.

Likud offered Yamina the Education Ministry, Yerushalayim Affairs Ministry and either a deputy ministry or responsibility over the Settlement Division and National Service, according to Channel 12.

Yamina MKs said no, and said further that they will skip Thursday’s Knesset vote on legislation enabling implementation of the coalition deal.

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