Special Arrangements Announced for Lag BaOmer in Meron Under Coronavirus

Police officers standing outside the closed tziyun of the Rashbi in Meron, March 26. (David Cohen/Flash90)

Minister of Religious Affairs Rabbi Yitzchak Vaknin (Shas) revealed Sunday the framework for holding the celebrations of the hilula of the Rashbi in Meron.

“The issue of the hilula of the Rashbi was dealt with by the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis after realizing that we are expected to stay under different restrictions for a prolonged period. I asked the office’s chief executive to prepare a proposal that would allow the continuing litigation on the one hand and maintain the Ministry of Health regulations on the other,” Minister Rabbi Vaknin said.

“The hadlakos will be carried out in four complexes (Boyan, Gandi, Hillel, Toldos Aharon complex). Each hadlakah will be attended by the Rebbe or Rav, and ten other participants. Each hadlakah will take about an hour.

“The hadlakos will be broadcast live across the country.”

Rabbi Vaknin added: “There will not be any entry to the tziyun or its surroundings, no hachnasas orchim, no VIPs will be allowed, only those whose presence is required to fulfill their duties at the hadlakos.”

Rabbi Yosef Schwinger, director of the National Center for Mekomos Hakedoshim, who was a partner in the introduction and formulation of the procedures, said: “A great effort has been made here to preserve the hadlakah tradition for some of the Rebbes. These are the traditions of many generations. In the most difficult times, the hadlakos were held in Meron in honor of the Rashbi.”

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