Indictment to Be Handed Down in Second ‘Parking Rage’ Case


In the wake of the shocking murder of Ofir Hasdai, z”l, on Sunday in a dispute over a parking space at a Ramle mall, police on Monday requested that a court indict a 22-year-old Holon resident who two weeks ago stabbed an individual at a Rishon LeTzion mall – in another argument over a parking space.

The incident occurred on July 17, when police responded to a complaint about a stabbing. The culprit had fled, but police collected forensic evidence and witness testimony, eventually tracking down the stabber. He was arrested on Sunday.

Investigators said that the dispute erupted when the victim tried to park his vehicle, with the culprit complaining that he had nearly hit his vehicle. The victim entered the mall and sat down in a restaurant. The culprit followed, and began asking if the vehicle in question belonged to someone there. When the victim responded, the culprit asked him to accompany him out of the restaurant to speak to his friend. When they got outside, the culprit punched the victim in the face, and then took out a sharp object, stabbing him. The victim was taken for medical assistance, and the culprit disappeared – only to be found two weeks later. Police plan to ask for an extension of his remand.

Meanwhile, the shooter of Hasdai, killed in a separate dispute on Sunday, told police that he had acted “out of self-defense,” his lawyer said. The attorney said that the culprit had not meant to kill anyone, and that “the results of the dispute are causing him a great deal of distress.” The attorney also claimed that the shooter aimed for Hasdai’s legs, although the bullets clearly entered his upper body.