BD”E: Rebbetzin Adinah Plontchak, A”h

The Torah community in Rechasim mourns the passing of Rebbetzin Adinah Bat-Sheva Plontchak, a”h, the wife of, lhbch”l, Harav Yosef Plontchak, Mashgiach, Yeshivas Rinah Shel Torah in Carmiel and Yeshivas Knesses Chizkiyahu. She was niftar early Sunday morning at the age of just 50, after an illness.

She was born in 5729/1968, to her parents, lhbch”l, Reb Yaakov and Mrs. Miriam Stefansky, in Haifa.

When she came of age she married her husband, noted talmid chacham and Mashgiach. They lived in Rechasim, where they raised a family of Torah and chessed. She was zocheh to be at the weddings of five of her ten children.

For many years, Mrs. Plontchak ran the chinuch department of the local Rechasim council.

Many tefillos were held on her behalf in recent weeks, but alas the gezeirah was sealed and she returned her soul to it’s Creator on Sunday.

Her levayah was held Sunday afternoon to the cemetery in Kfar Chassidim.

Tehi zichrah baruch.

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