Parole Denied Kendall Felix, Conspirator in Menachem Stark Kidnapping

kendall felix, menachem stark
Kendall Felix in New York State Supreme Court in Brooklyn for sentencing, in March. (Reuvain Borchardt/Hamodia)

Kendall Felix, who conspired in the Menachem Stark kidnapping, and disposed of Menachem’s body and set it aflame, has had his parole request denied.

According to prosecutors, Menachem was accidentally suffocated during a botched kidnapping and attempted robbery in January 2014, carried out by Kendall’s brother Erskin Felix and cousin Kendel Felix. Kendall joined Erskin and Kendel in the Felix family minivan after Menachem was already kidnapped, bound and gagged, but when the group realized Menachem was dead, Kendall and Kendel drove with Menachem’s body to Great Neck, Long Island, where they purchased gasoline and set the body aflame in a gas station dumpster.

In March 2019, Kendall accepted a plea deal offered by Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun, pleading guilty to second-degree conspiracy and first-degree hindering prosecution, for a 2-1/3-to-seven-year sentence. Prosecutors and the Stark family objected to the offer as excessively lenient.

Unable to post bail, Felix had been in jail since December 2016, counting as time served and making him eligible for parole almost immediately following his sentencing.

In a letter to the parole board urging denial of Kendall’s parole request, Menachem’s widow, Mrs. Bashie Stark, wrote, “This person has shattered my family’s life, and the trauma never seems to go away! My kids still have nightmares, and it is I alone who has to be there to comfort them. I need to be able to reassure my children that the man who did this to their father, is locked away, far far away.”

Kendall’s parole request was denied this month. His next parole hearing will be in April 2021.

The others involved in the crime have all been convicted or pleaded guilty.

The Stark family told Hamodia they were relieved to hear of the parole denial.

“We are happy that the parole board understood the evilness of this man and of his actions,” said Menachem’s brother-in-law, Joel Heller. “For another two years at least, we can find comfort in knowing that he’s locked up, as he deserves.”

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