Afula to Get Chareidi Education Quarter

Afula, aerial view. (Tamir Bejerano)

Afula will be building a special education quarter for chareidi schools, the City Council decided at a meeting. The quarter will include nurseries and kindergartens, Talmudei Torah, and at least one yeshivah. The quarter will be established in Afula Ilit, next to Kiryat Vizhnitz.

Schools for boys and girls will be built, each with 16 classrooms and a large campus. Eight kindergarten classes will be built as well, four each for boys and girls, the council decided. The council said that the quarter’s schools and services were aimed at serving and strengthening the Vizhnitz community in the city, which now numbers hundreds of families and is set to grow significantly, with new construction taking place.

Afula Mayor Avi Alkabetz said that “I am happy to welcome to the council the chareidi members who joined us after recent elections, and to assist in the development of the community here. Afula is a city for everyone, both communities and individuals.”

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