Police Capture Stabber in Likely Afula Terror Attack

The Ha’emek Medical Center campus, in the northern Israeli city of Afula.

The results of an initial investigation into a stabbing in Afula Monday morning indicates that the act may have been terror-related. An 18-year-old female Israeli was in serious condition in a local hospital after she was stabbed by an attacker, who immediately ran away. The stabber – a resident of Jenin in his 30s who was in Israel illegally – was caught a short time later.

The stabber was caught after he passed by a police dragnet and refused to stop when ordered to. Instead, he ran when police called on him to stop. Police gave chase, shot him and caught him. A knife – possibly the one used in the attack – was found on him. Police also said that blood was found on his clothes. The suspect was arrested, and the blood will be tested to see if it matches that of the victim.

A paramedic on the scene told Channel 20 that the scene was one of great confusion, as many people were gathered around the victim, who was stabbed in the center of the city. “The victim was sitting on a chair near the entrance to a store, fully conscious, but bleeding in her upper body. We provided first aid and immediately transported her to Ha’emek Hospital, which is nearby,” the paramedic said.