Iran Calls Israeli Missile Strike Fake News

The Islamic Consultative Assembly, the Iranian parliamentary body in Baharestan, Tehran. (Mahdi Sigari)

While Israel reported a devastating missile barrage against Iranian military positions in Syria on Thursday morning, Iran called it “fake scenarios.”

Iran denied what the rest of the world accepted as true, eliciting a burst of international reaction, backing Israel’s right to defend itself against Iranian provocations but also calling for restraint.

“This claim is entirely false,” said Jamali Nobandegani, a member of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, of the IDF’s statement.

Seeking to portray Iran as the innocent victim, Nobandegani further claimed that “everyone knows that the Zionist Regime has always attacked first,” he said. “Even before the conflict over ISIS in the region, Israel bombed Syria and attacked the Iraqi atomic weapons program,” in a statement to Iran’s Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency.

He also denied that Iran has military bases in Syria.

“Iran has advisors in Syria, and certainly if the Syrian military wishes, Iran puts its information and experience at their disposal,” he said. “Russia does the same.”

“Russia has military bases in Syria, but the Iranian presence is advisory only,” he said.

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