Kinneret Tops Eilat as Preferred Vacation Spot

Sunset at the Kinneret,  the Sea of Galilee. (Chen Leopold/Flash90)

Yerushalayim is always number one in the hearts of Israelis, and it’s also their favorite place to visit. The question is what is their second favorite – and the answer is that despite its low, low water level, the Kinneret takes that second spot.

According to a poll by the Union of Kinneret Towns and Cities, an organization that promotes tourism in the lake’s region, 55  percent of Israelis 18 and over, along with 61.3 percent of teens age 15-17, preferred Yerushalayim over any other vacation spot.

Number two was the Kinneret, preferred by 43.2 percent of adults and 56 percent of the 15-17 crowd. A total of 33 percent of adults ranked the Golan as their preferred vacation spot, 32 percent Eilat, and 26 percent the Dead Sea. Taking a short trip to one of these nature destinations is extremely popular among Israelis; 91.5 percent of secular, traditional, and religious Zionist Israelis took a hike or several days at the beach, as did 92.4 percent of chareidi Israelis and 69.7 percent of Arab Israelis. For 75.6 percent of all Israelis, the amount of time spent on vacation in Israel was between 24 and 72 hours.

The Kinneret is generally considered a summer destination, but a surprising number of Israeli adults – 21.3 percent – said they would be happy to visit there in the winter. Among younger Israelis, only 12 percent said they would not visit the Kinneret in the winter.