Report: Security Guard’s Family Didn’t Go Into Hiding

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu meets with Ziv Moyal, the Israeli guard who was stabbed in the Jordan embassy complex earlier this week, at the Prime Minister’s Office last Tuesday. (Haim Zach GPO)

Despite reports to the contrary, the family of Ziv Moyal, the Israeli security guard who shot two people in Jordan last week when he was attacked by a terrorist, has not fled their home. Sources told Arutz Sheva that the family was still at home and was not concerned that someone would try to avenge the death of the 17-year-old terrorist who tried to stab the security guard in an apartment near the Israeli embassy in Amman a week ago Sunday.

The rumors that the family was going into hiding began Sunday night, after the Jordanian El-Rad newspaper revealed his identity. After the story was published and Moyal’s image was released, Israel confirmed that he was the individual involved in the incident. Israel is said to be extremely upset with Jordan over the release of the guard’s name and image, Channel Two reported, calling it a breach of protocol. “They really shouldn’t be testing us like this,” a senior diplomatic source was quoted by Channel Two as saying. “Jordan needs Israel a lot more than Israel needs Jordan. We expect them to relent in their campaign against the guard.”

The source accused the Jordanian government of leaking the information on Moyal’s identity as a means of further pressuring Israel to try the security guard as a criminal – something Israel is not planning to do, the report said.

In the incident, Moyal shot a teenage terrorist who attacked him while doing work in an apartment rented by the Israeli embassy in Amman. Wounded in the incident – and eventually dying of his wounds – was the owner of the apartment. The guard immediately went to the embassy, with Jordanian officials demanding that he be surrendered. Israel refused, citing diplomatic immunity. After hours of negotiations, Jordan issued authorization for the security guard to leave.

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