Monsey Residents Still Stuck After Storm Dumps 2 Feet of Snow

Digging out from the snow in Monsey.

Two days after Monsey got its largest snowfall in two decades, many streets are unplowed, schools remain closed and residents are still digging out.

The nearly two feet of snow which fell on Rockland County contrasted sharply with the few inches downstate. The East Ramapo school district called off classes for a second consecutive day Wednesday since roads are impassable, giving children an extended Purim vacation but exasperating parents who missed work.

“This is the first time in history that I remember that Vizhnitzer cheder called off cheder for the entire day,” said Yitzchok Weiss, an IT worker from Monsey. “And I’m living here for 32 years. “Monsey has not seen such a snowstorm, I would say, since 1996.”

“My daughter is home since last week Thursday,” Weiss added. “She says its Chol Hamoed Purim.”

A quiet Monsey street covered with snow, yesterday.

With people stuck at home, plows were just starting to dig cars out of driveways late Wednesday afternoon to release them from their icy pen. There were so few people outdoors that only a single grocery was open in the entire Monsey on Tuesday — Rockland Kosher.

A representative of Rockland Kosher told Hamodia that Monday, despite it being Shushan Purim, normally the quietest shopping day of the year, was “very busy.”

Schools are scheduled to reopen on Thursday and the Rockland Kosher rep said that customers are starting to return.