Regional Briefs – March 14, 2017

NY Lawmakers Agree on Pay Raise for Caregivers

ALBANY – The state Senate and Assembly came to an agreement Tuesday to increase funding by $45 million for caregivers of the developmentally disabled, The Associated Press reported. Low pay has been blamed for high turnover and staffing shortages. This bill is now before Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Albany County Votes Against Expanding Styrofoam Ban

ALBANY – Albany County legislators voted Monday against the expansion of a law banning Styrofoam products in chain restaurants, The Associated Press reported. Environmentalists had wanted to expand the original 2013 law to coffee cups and to-go containers.

NYC Sues Verizon, Claims Broken Promises on Cable

NEW YORK – New York City sued Verizon on Monday for breaking its 2008 promise to make cable service available to every building in the city by 2014, The Associated Press reported. Verizon disagrees with the city’s definition of “passing” a home, saying it did the job.

Woman Stole $67K From Dead Mom’s Pension Checks

KIRKVILLE, N.Y. – A woman was arrested Monday for continuing to collect her mother’s state pension checks for several years after her parent’s death, The Associated Press reported. Tammy Banack, 45, illicitly got $67,000 from the state pension fund since 2009.

NJ Court Hears Case Over Pay Raises for Public Workers

TRENTON – New Jersey’s highest court on Monday held a hearing whether public workers should receive pay raises for reaching milestones in years of service even after a contract expires, reported. Townships want the court to reverse an appeals court ruling requiring the pay hikes.

NJ Bill Delays Loss of License Over Parking Fines

TRENTON – New Jersey drivers would gain a 30-day reprieve from losing their license because of parking violations under a bill sent to Gov. Chris Christie on Monday, The Associated Press reported. The clock to lose the license would begin from the fine notification rather than their first court appearance.