Stabbing Attack Thwarted Near Yitzhar


A Palestinian terrorist attempted to carry out a stabbing attack against IDF soldiers near Yitzhar in the Shomron on Wednesday, but was shot down before he could cause harm.

The assailant lunged at a soldier with a screwdriver, but failed to penetrate the soldier’s protective vest. No Israelis were injured in the attack.

“In response to the immediate threat, soldiers fired towards the assailant, who was detained and was treated at the scene,” an IDF spokesperson said.

The incident took place between Tapuah Junction and the Arab village of Hawara, near the Jewish community of Yitzhar.

Meanwhile, in a counter-terror operation, IDF forces, with Border Guard officers and police, shut down a print shop in the village of al-Fawwar, south of Chevron, used for producing anti-Israel flyers inciting attacks on Jews.