Tunisia Too Dangerous for Lag BaOmer Visits, Says Gov’t


To the list of dangerous places Israelis should avoid, add Tunisia.

The National Security Council Counterterrorism Bureau on Monday issued a warning in advance of Lag BaOmer, when Jews of North African origin visit the Tunisian island of Djerba.

Thousands of Jews gather on the island each year on Lag BaOmer to visit the tziyun of La Ghriba, and the synagogue named for her. She is considered an important tzaddekes through whom many yeshuos came in the past.

The Bureau issued a “severe travel warning” with a “high concrete threat” of possible terror actions against Jews and Israelis. “Terrorist elements, especially those affiliated with global jihad, continue to operate in Tunisia and commit attacks,” the warning said. “There is a high threat level against Jewish targets. It is recommended that visits to Tunisia be avoided.”

Before Pesach, the Bureau issued a travel warning cautioning Israelis to stay away from Turkey, Sinai and many locations in Europe. According to the Bureau, the recent terrorist attacks in Belgium and Turkey have whetted the appetite of terrorists for more “successes,” and there was a strong possibility that Islamist groups, including IS, will try to carry out terror attacks targeting Israelis.

That warning is still in effect, the Bureau said Monday, reminding travelers to “be extremely aware of their surroundings. Despite a lack of concrete information about attacks or targets, Israelis, and especially groups, are advised to follow the detailed safety precautions specified by the Council,” which include changing travel or transportation patterns, remaining with the group at all times, and generally keeping a low profile.

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