Music Video on Hamas Site Calls for Suicide Bombings Against Israel

A music video posted to Hamas’s al-Aqsa TV network on Sunday calls for suicide bus bombings on Israelis.

According to YNet News, the Lebanese band that released the video, the Promise of Islamic Art, is affiliated with Hamas and has written numerous songs supporting its terrorist activities. The video shows images of Yahya Ayyash, a Hamas bombmaker who was assassinated by the Shin Bet in 1996; and the murderers of the Henkin couple, Hy”d.

In the video, the band performs the song calling for suicide bus bombings in front of a mangled Israeli bus billowing with smoke.

“To die as a martyr for Al-Aqsa [Mosque] gives the explosive device more and more force,” sings the band, in lyrics translated by Times of Israel. “The intifada is not an intifada if the bus roof doesn’t fly off.”

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