Quadricycles En Route to Israel


Israel’s Transportation Ministry has decided to import a traffic solution for the country’s heavily congested urban areas—the micro-quadricycle, The Jerusalem Post reported on Thursday.

Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz has approved a pilot program bringing 1,000 of the electric, four-wheeled vehicles into Israel starting in August.

“This is a vehicle with small dimensions that is likely to be an efficient transportation solution for reducing congestion, especially in urban centers, and provide an alternative to private vehicles,” Katz said.

The quadricycle entered the European market in the early 1990s, and has since become a popular item.

In 2002, a European Union directive differentiated between “light quadricycles, whose unladen mass is not more than 770 pounds (category L6e),” and heavy quadricycles, “whose unladen mass is not more than 880 kg (category L7e)” — in both cases not including the mass of an electric battery.

Light quadricycles are treated like mopeds, while heavy quadricycles follow the rules of motor tricycles.

The cars to be imported for Israel’s pilot program will be from the L7e class.

During the tryout year, the ministry is restricting the vehicle to within cities only, and with a condition that only one passenger rides with the driver.

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