IDF Springs Surprise Terror Drill


Israeli security forces and emergency responders were given a surprise test simulating a large-scale terrorist attack mounted by Global Jihad, involving multiple incidents and dozens of civilian casualties, The Jerusalem Post reported.

The drill, which began at 5 a.m. and ended about 10 p.m. on Sunday, brought together units of the IDF with Shin Bet, Israel Police and Magen David Adom. The simulated attacks were concentrated in three target areas.

“We practiced things we think can happen, in very difficult circumstances,” a source said.

The unannounced drill was prompted, said a senior security source, by the instability in Syria where terrorist groups are getting a foothold, and Egypt’s weak grip on the Sinai Peninsula, which is also a staging base for jihadi elements.

“We understand that global jihad forces are organizing themselves in these areas,” he said.

“The exercise began quietly. Most units were surprised, including the IDF General Staff, which is the supporting component,” the source said.

The drill tested the response time for the IDF General Staff, and the effectiveness of elite counterterrorism units, such as Sayeret Matkal and the Border Police’s Counterterrorism Unit.

“We designed the scenario in such a way that no one unit could solve the problem alone. We forced all of them to cooperate, to remove ego-driven obstacles which are healthy but are sometimes damaging. The units had to cooperate and create a professional dialogue to solve the problem,” the source said.

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