The U.N. Shows Its True Colors

An article ran in Thursday’s paper, “Support for U.N. Condemnation of Hamas Unprecedented.” Hopes rise. Then, Monday’s headline, PM Netanyahu’s statement: “Even Though We Lost Hamas Condemnation Vote, We Won.”

Let’s review some facts:

The U.N. vote was on whether or not to condemn Hamas. (You know, the terror group that’s been plaguing Israel for the past 30 years? Yeah, that one.)

The U.N., in laying ground rules for this vote, chose to make it more difficult – yes, really – to condemn this terrorist group, requiring a two-thirds majority instead of a simple slightly-more-than-half one.

In the end, the vote did not pass.

Wait. What?

U.N., have you not been paying attention? Hamas is a terrorist group, so recognized by the U.S., Israel and the EU. They are a terrorist group. They kill people. In swathes. Innocents. Children, tourists, passersby – it doesn’t matter to them. And you don’t condemn them. The opportunity to condemn a pack of murderers, officially, on the world stage, falls into your lap. It was right there! And you don’t grab it with both hands? What does that say about you?

I’m looking at the list of U.N. “objectives” as I write this letter. Maintain international peace and security? Pfft. Protect human rights? Don’t make me laugh. Uphold international law? Where on earth are you? Did you even read this thing?

It is absolutely appalling that the U.N.’s anti-Israel bias can blind it so totally to the need to end mass murder. They have truly, truly failed. It is time for the U.S. to cut their funding and send this crowd home.

Best wishes,

Sara Eisenhardt