Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

After failing to pass their TrumpCare bill through the Senate (thanks to your constituent power), Republicans in both the House and Senate are turning to “tax reform.”

Here’s the first thing to know: This is not going to be true tax reform. Calling it “tax reform” suggests they intend to close corporate loopholes or address the growing wealth inequality that the current tax code fuels. But that’s not what Republicans have in mind.

Instead, they want tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations paid for by taking away Medicare, Medicaid, and education funding. Since they want to pass their tax cut plan through the Senate with only 51 votes, they have to follow the rules of reconciliation. One of the rules is that the legislation can’t add to the deficit after ten years — meaning that, in order to make their tax cuts for the wealthy permanent, they intend to make deep cuts to entitlements to offset them.

Rabbi Samuel Steinberg, Staten Island, N.Y.