Quarantine Hilton

I was just let out of prison.

No, not a regular prison. A specially prepared prison called a “hotel” where all deplaned passengers without vaccines or proof of COVID status are taken against their will.

But I did have all the paperwork verifying my wife and I have antibodies, since we had already had COVID, as did our whole family. But no one was listening or looking at the evidence.

First we were herded off the airplane and lined up like cattle. Then we were loaded onto buses that took us to the “hotel,” with not even the slightest resemblance to the hospitality industry.

We were starving, but there was no food to be had. We were thirsty, and again, there were no drinks available. I guess they never heard of vending machines.

The rooms were horrific, as was the bedding. My wife refused to get on the bed or even put her suitcase down in case there were creepy-crawlies.

I realized this was not going to work, so I made a ruckus about someone looking at my paperwork until finally someone did and told us we were free to go. We called a taxi and fled without looking back, hoping we would never have to repeat this trauma again.

The absolute unwillingness to even listen to what was being requested was incredible. It was more like communism than a democracy.

It’s hard to believe it is so easy for a government to become totalitarian controllers. Way too easy.

D. Mostowsky, Ashdod