Poland and Its Lies

After 75 years, the Polish government enacts a law to whitewash its contribution to the Holocaust, when most of the survivors have died, and cannot bear witness. But actually, anyone who knows about Poland today is not surprised.

Visiting the Auschwitz death camps, the “history tour guide” said that so many Polish citizens were killed in Auschwitz, without clarification of the fact to those present from Ireland, New Zealand, England and other parts of the world that most of these “Polish citizens” were Jews!

Yes, the Poles have a name for this testimony to mankind’s greatest atrocity — “Auschwitz museum.” Jews and non-Jews purchase a ticket.

My husband’s uncle Menachem, Hy”d, survived almost to the end of the war despite a Pole turning him in to the Germans for a kilo of sugar.

My mother-in-law was hidden in an animal shed with cows for four years. After the war, when she went back, a neighbor of this extraordinary righteous gentile told him it is too bad you wasted space on this Jewess — you should have raised a cow.

The Polish government claims it had nothing to do with this.

We remember the pogrom in Kielce after the war, when Jews were killed.

I remember as a little girl in Valbzich, Poland, in 1961, age five, not wanting to give my new jump rope to a little boy by the name of Marek. His mother asked her 16-year-old son to beat up the five-year-old Jedovka ….

In 1968, the remaining Jews of Poland were basically kicked out because the Jews in Israel won the Six-Day War and the Poles could not stand that fact.

There are so few Jews living in Poland today, but that does not stop the Polish custom of calling a losing rival football team “Jews.” And there is plenty of graffiti in Lodz …

We have to protest these lies.

Oh Tatte, nekame!

Liba Rozenbaum, Kiryat Sefer