How You Drive to Get There

As part of my Kiddush Hashem Gemach, I give out tags that read “Where I’m going is less important than how I drive to get there.”

When a friend asked Harav Elchonon Wasserman, zt”l, why the Rav endured such a “backward” lifestyle, the Rav accompanied the man to the train station where he would board his train homeward. Rav Wasserman asked the man why he didn’t get onto the first luxurious train arriving at the station. When the man explained that the luxurious train was actually heading in the wrong direction, the Rav explained that his sparse lifestyle was helping him head in the correct direction — toward Olam Haba, which was his ultimate destination. If Rav Wasserman were to spend his life pursuing anything other than avodas Hashem, he would be heading in the wrong direction.

Rabbosai, when we get into our vehicles, we aren’t going to work, running errands, or doing carpool. We are all on a journey which ends after 120. Our physical destinations are not our final goals. The only lasting accomplishment which we have when we drive is how we act while we drive. Even if we are driving toward a mitzvah, let us not lose whatever s’char we gained by inadvertently hurting the feelings of other drivers or endangering innocent people.

This month, when we drive to simchos and to the country, let us keep this in mind. Thank you.

Mrs. Ilana Orange, The Kiddush Hashem Gemach