What Every Six-Year-Old-Knows

You write (“On Second Thought,” Hamodia Prime, June 3, 2020/11 Sivan 5770): “Finally, there is something to be said for telling the truth about the Jewish People’s right to the Land of Israel … a rational person cannot erase the basic connection that exists here between the people and the land. You dig in this place two meters in the ground and find a coin with an inscription in a language that every six-year-old Israeli child can read and understand.” You continue, “This is a strong argument.”

No, Mr. Rebibo, it is a weak argument. It is weak because it does not come from daas Torah. It is the opinion of a nonreligious member of parliament. When Hakadosh Baruch Hu sent us into exile, His message was clear to us and to the gentile nations as well. And when Hakadosh Baruch Hu is ready to bring us back, it will be very clear to all once again. If we are still arguing about it, it is not yet clear to all and we must wait.

Chana Mark, LCSW, SUFFERN, N.Y.