Concern for Israel?

I’m saddened that you wrote [News, January 25] that “findings by the Pew Research Center could be a cause for concern for Israel.”

What’s the concern? That there is “a continuous rise in right-wing support for Israel… in contrast to an ongoing decline on the left of the political spectrum”?

That is what you put in print as a problem for Israel?

Sorry, but “decline on the left” means less fighting to allow mixed praying at the Kotel, less sympathy for the rights of Arab terrorists, less desire to spend Jewish taxpayer money on food, medical care, etc., for “Palestinians,” and less talk of giving away our Land. And less trying to use Israel’s Supreme Court to permit businesses to be open on Shabbos.

I think that the results of the Pew Research are heartwarming and positive.

I’m sorry that your slant seems to be toward the left-wing point of view.

Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein, YERUSHALAYIM