Careful Cleaning, Please!

With Pesach-cleaning in full gear these days, I’d like to raise awareness of the great danger of some oven cleaners that people use.

These oven cleaners can cause severe burns on contact!! I learned the hard way when my son suffered burns on his knee. After numerous trips to the Burn Center at St. Barnabas in Livingston, New Jersey, he is baruch Hashem okay, but the scar will remain for a lifetime. The burn unit told us that they treat severe burns each year around Pesach from these cleansers and can’t understand how people use them.

Parents, if you must use it, store it in an area away from children, make sure it is securely closed, and use it safely only when they’re not around! Take utmost precautions!

May we all be zocheh to a happy and healthy chag kasher v’same’ach.

A concerned parent