Record-Breaking 200 Israelis Donate Kidneys in 2021


Israel has performed 200 kidney donations in 2021, with the last one occurring on Sunday, as reported by Israel Hayom.

By the end of 2021, 215 altruistic kidney donations are expected to take place, according to Matnat Chaim, an organization that promotes altruistic kidney donation.

The rate of women donating their kidneys to Matnat Chaim has risen dramatically in the last year, according to chairwoman Mrs. Rachel Heber. Today, 35% of kidney donors are women.

In addition, Mrs. Heber noted that altruistic kidney donors now come from big cities like Tel Aviv for the first time.

“This is an incredible revolution. Hundreds of patients will, b’ezras Hashem, leave the dialysis wards and the daily pain for new lives. Israel is spearheading kidney donations, and in just one year, hundreds of healthy people entered operating rooms to have an organ removed and gave it to a stranger to save their life without receiving anything in return. We will continue to do everything we can with God’s help so that as many patients as possible can go back to their families,” she said.

Kidney donations have been on the rise in Israel over the last decade.

The organization noted that in its first year of operations, 2009, just four Israelis had altruistically donated kidneys.

In a statement, Matnat Chaim representatives said, “In the coming month, we expect to see 15 additional kidney donations in Israel. It’s unprecedented.”