Boat Larger Than the Empire State Building Docks in NY


One of the largest cargo ships in the world, and the largest to ever dock on the East Coast, has arrived New York Harbor.

The Marco Polo is roughly the length of about five Manhattan city blocks, a whopping 1,300 feet by 176 feet. It can hold over 16,000 20-foot containers, NBC 4 reported.

It will unload 5,000 cargo containers containing clothes, pharmaceuticals, furniture, appliances, building materials and food before heading back to sea.

“The CMA CGM MARCO POLO’s arrival at our seaport underscores the Port of New York and New Jersey’s ability to serve the ultra-large cargo container ships that increasingly carry the food, supplies and goods needed to sustain millions of residents, support thousands of jobs and keep businesses open,” Rick Cotton, executive director of the Port Authority, said in a statement.

The massive ship is slightly smaller than the Ever Given, the container ship so huge it became stuck in Egypt’s Suez Canal in March. The incident was a reminder of the necessity of container ships to circulate global trade.


Updated Tuesday, May 25, 2021 at 2:02 pm .