Kosel Tunnel Sites Reopening After Being Closed for Five Months

The Kosel Tunnels.

In accordance with new regulations and the reopening of other museums, the Kosel Heritage Foundation announced Tuesday that the Kosel Tunnels sites are to reopen, in a restricted manner and with strict adherence to regulations, starting this Thursday, 30 Av/August 20. Tours can be reserved in advance for individuals and for groups of up to 20 participants.

The Kosel Heritage Foundation said that: “We are excited to announce to the public that the Kosel Tunnels sites are reopening after having been closed for five months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout the entire period of time, we have been working creatively to allow the public to connect to the Kosel remotely – for tefillah and virtual tours. Prior to the pandemic, over half a million visitors came to the Kosel Tunnels sites every year. Now we are pleased to be able to renew the visits, in accordance with regulations that preserve the public’s health. As the end of the summer vacation nears and with the approach of Chodesh Elul, and the emotional time of Selichos, we invite families and the entire public to return to visiting the Kosel sites.”

Visitors must abide by the regulations in place at the Kosel and sites.