Unity Gov’t of Likud-Blue and White Passes First Reading

The Knesset plenum.

The coalition deal between the Likud and Blue and White passed by a vote of 72 MKs to 31 MKs against in its first reading by the Knesset on Thursday. The vote is meant to allow the changes to the Basic Law that were implicated by the unity deal.

The legislation is meant to anchor the rotation agreement in law, allowing the prime minister and deputy prime minister to be sworn in to their posts at the same time and for the two to share responsibilities on various issues.

The Yamina party did not participate in the vote.

In order for the rotation government to move forward the bill will have to pass through the Knesset. The second and third readings are expected to take place next week.

It will first be discussed at a special Knesset committee headed by Blue and White MK Eitan Ginzburg.

Members of the new supposed coalition said quickly passing the changes and endorsing the new government was critical to exit the current coronavirus crisis.

Opposition MKs slammed the deal as constitutionally problematic and putting ministerial jobs over the public good.

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