Uman: Preparations for Tens of Thousands of Mispallelim for Rosh Hashanah

Davening at the kever of Reb Nachman in Uman, earlier this week. (Chadashot24)

Tens of thousands from all over the world, from all walks of Jewish life, will travel to Uman to spend Rosh Hashanah near the kever of the Rebbe Harav Nachman of Breslov, zy”a, who had asked his Chassidim to travel to his kever for Rosh Hashanah.

Preparations ahead of Rosh Hashanah. (Chadashot24)

The numbers increase every year.

Many hachnasas orchim organizations set up places for the thousands who come to Uman. Extra meals were prepared this year, as Rosh Hashanah falls on Sunday night and thus most people will arrive before Shabbos, adding to the two days of Yom Tov. Only a small number of flights from Eretz Yisrael and countries in Europe could allow people the liberty of leaving after Shabbos and arriving with ample time before the onset of Rosh Hashanah.

The office near the kever. (Chadashot24)