Shocking Video Shows Arab Torturing Disabled Fellow Supermarket Worker

A Shufersal branch in Yerushalayim. (Uri Lenz/Flash90)

Supermarket chain Shufersal said Thursday that it had reported an employee to police in the wake of a video that shows him actually torturing another employee – a young chareidi man with developmental disabilities. The chain said that the actions of the offending employee were “repugnant,” and did not represent the values of the organization.

The video, which spread through social networks Thursday, shows an Arab slapping a young chareidi man whose hands are tied up in plastic and who is clearly developmentally disabled. The Arab is seen saying things that he forces his victim to repeat – and slaps him in the face each time he does. The shocking scene goes on for about a minute. Shufersal did not identify either individual, but both are wearing uniforms indicating that they are employees of the chain.

The incident appears to take place in a warehouse or storage area. It is not clear who filmed it or spread it around social media channels. In a statement, Shufersal said that “we totally reject the behavior shown in the video. We will report this to police immediately and do everything possible to ensure it does not happen again.”

The video did not say in which branch of the supermarket chain the incident occurred, but many viewers identified it as the chain’s Gush Etzion branch. Shlomo Ne’eman, head of the Gush Etzion Regional, Council, said that “this is a very serious incident that, had it taken place in Europe, would have caused us all to shout about its anti-Semitic nature – with good reason. We will not accept this kind of action, which was carried out with a nationalistic background, and that goes for both sides.”